Clara Fernández Labrador

I am a second-year PhD Student in Computer Vision under the guidance of Prof. Josechu Guerrero at the Computer Science and Systems Engineering Department of the University of Zaragoza (Spain) and Prof. Cédric Demonceaux at the Le2i of the University of Burgundy (France). Currently I'm doing an internship at CVL in ETH Zürich where I will spend 5 months!

My research interests lie broadly in artificial intelligence, with emphasis on computer vision and robotics. My work focuses on 3D visual scene understanding with both geometry and deep learning using cameras with different fields of view.

I was featured as Woman in Computer Vision on magazine Computer Vision News. link here!


Corners for Layout: End-to-End Layout Recovery from 360 Images
Clara Fernandez-Labrador*, José M. Fácil*, Alejandro Perez-Yus, Cédric Demonceaux,Javier Civera, José J. Guerrero
Under Review 2019
Also presented at Women in Computer Vision Workshop, CVPR 2019
Project Page  ·  arXiv  ·  github  ·  poster

PanoRoom: From the Sphere to the 3D Model
Clara Fernandez-Labrador, José M. Fácil, Alejandro Perez-Yus, Cédric Demonceaux, José J. Guerrero
3D Reconstruction meets Semantics Workshop, ECCV 2018
Spotlight Presentation  ·  arXiv  ·  poster

Layouts from Panoramic Images with Geometry and Deep Learning
Clara Fernández-Labrador, Alejandro Perez-Yus , Gonzalo Lopez-Nicolas , Jose J. Guerrero
IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters and IROS 2018
Also presented at Women in Computer Vision Workshop, ECCV 2018
Spotlight Presentation  ·  journal  ·  arXiv  ·  video  ·  poster  ·  github

Other Activities
  1. I was in the International Computer Vision Summer School! ICVSS 2018 (34% acceptance)
  2. Review: Object Detection with Deep Learning
  3. Oral presentation. VII Jornada de Jóvenes Investigadores del I3A
  4. I participated in the initiative 'Una ingeniera en cada cole' (AMIT)

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